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Device Testing

GUNI-ATCNN is working with industry partners in supporting and fulfilling their business and social objectives. GUNI-ATCNN has created a Testing Environment for industrial device particularly for Indian Environment conditions.

The results of such experiments will be used for further Research and Development of New products or upgrading the existing products, which will be suitable for Indian Environments.

  • Date
    20 May, 2021
  • Device
    Frequency Analyser
  • Category
    Design / Ideas
  • Address
    Ganpat Vidhyanagar - 384012

Testing Environment

This testing will help the manufacturer to accelerate the aging process of the product to predict its life cycle  analyse the modes of failure and filtering out those products that are not fit to be shipped out to the customers. In order for the testing to be carried out, equipment are needed to perform this test. One has to analyse and calculate whether it is worthwhile to invest in the equipment or to just perform the reliability tests in test houses.

Many of these test houses are able to offer consultancy services as to the standards and test methods that will be used with regards to the electronic products that will be tested. The reliability testing is one of the secret that makes a world of difference between a good product to another.

Some of the basic equipment that are needed for the testings are temperature and humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, vibration machines and salt-fog chambers. Other more specialized equipment are needed depending on the types of products that will be tested.