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What is Electric Vehicles?

An electric vehicle (EV) is one that operates on an electric motor, instead of an internal-combustion engine that generates power by burning a mix of fuel and gases. Therefore, such as vehicle is seen as a possible replacement for current-generation automobile, in order to address the issue of rising pollution, global warming, depleting natural resources, etc. Though the concept of electric vehicles has been around for a long time, it has drawn a considerable amount of interest in the past decade amid a rising carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of fuel-based vehicles.


  • Convert all campus vehicles to electric vehicles.
  • Set up EVs charging stations from Mehsana to Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad.
  • Work with the Central and State governments to set up EV systems.
  • Be the National Centre for independent verification of EV-related technologies.
  • Work with other stakeholders to establish EV exports to Asia and elsewhere.
  • To develop technologies and infrastructure related to Electric Vehicle Charging Station Design, Installation and charging parameters etc.
  • To support electric vehicle innovation among India’s transportation sector.
  • To enhance electric vehicle education in the region and to increase public awareness of electric vehicle technology.

Campus EV Fleet (2021-2022)

  • Loading auto
  • Passenger auto
  • Passenger Car
  • Polo Cart
  • Bus
  • Two wheelers

EV Charging Stations

  • EV Charging Station; DC Fast CCS2 Charger (Bus, Cars)
  • EV Charging Station; Bharat AC01 (2/3 Wheelers)